Spoon The Prune is a forthcoming sketch comedy from Almond Tree Productions

Created by writer/director Alice Trueman and actor Hannah Almond.  Written and directed by Alice Trueman.


Inspired by Smack the Pony and a whole heap of female comics and 90s sketch shows, our team of female creatives are endeavoring to show you a taste of how they see the world.


Four of our sketches will be screened as part of the WebFest strand of the festival on 29 Sept, 13.00 in the Shared Transitions  - tickets available through their website, or here - and some of our team will be in the Q&A programafterwards.

Produced by Lizzie Wilkinson

Cinematography by Emily Almond-Barr

Art Direction by Moira Lam

Sound Design by Iina Aino

Edited by Alice Trueman

Music by Tom Rosenthal

Animation by Hannah Jacobs