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Tariq Bah


Tariq Bah hails from Kent, fresh from graduating from university last year, he’s an emerging writer and actor​ with a contagious smile and wit.​ He is currently developing his own mini web series, Barry Kent, as well as various sketch comedy characters. Represented by Top Talent Agency

Samia Hussen.png

Samia Hussen


Samia Hussen is a fresh, new stand-up comedian with an observational, anecdotal and blue style of comedy. Her comedy has a conversational tone to it, as does her comedy writing too. She lives in South West London and when she's not stage, she works as a baker! She enjoys being black and bisexual immensely. 

Sapphire Mcintosh.jpg

Sapphire Macintosh


Sapphire Mcintosh hails from Leeds, she is an actor and writer with a popular youtube channel and featuring in Almond Tree Productions "Spoon the Prune" comedy sketch;"Award Winners" . As well as comedy sketches she also makes journalistic work that comments on current affairs …and is a bloody good footballer. 


Olivia D'Lima

Olivia is a London-based actor & writer, most known for her performance as paramedic Fenisha Khatri in BBC's CASUALTY, a role that led her to receive a nomination at the 2021 National Television Awards.  Her debut short film, A NORMAL NIGHT., premiered at the London Independent Film Festival in April 2022, aiming to shine a light on 21st Century millennial couples and their interactions with technology. Her writing is heavily inspired by her personal experiences, hence the creation of BEIGE. Based on real experiences, BEIGE is Olivia's answer to the industry's ever-pressing question: Where are you from

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