Black Lives Matter


To be real and honest; as a company owned by queer female identifying people,  we haven't done enough to combat the racist world culture that we live in. What we have learnt these last few weeks and what we are continuing to learn is that we can do better. The time for open dialogue is now and we have had some incredible conversations with our Black, Asian and Minority co-workers and are making a pledge:  to be more and to do more.

 All lives matter, but not all lives are systematically degraded and deprived of privilege.

All lives matter, but not all lives are being treated equally, especially from law enforcement around the world.

In the UK, if you are Black, you are 40% more likely to be ‘randomly’ stopped and searched than your white neighbor. So for this we say – BLACK LIVES MATTER and our hearts are open for change. 

Systemic racism has to end.  

For us right now, that begins with openness, transparency and a real desire to see and create change.

If you’d like to talk with us about what that means – please get in touch.

We understand part of our privilege comes from us being able to discuss racism instead experience it and we are ready to be uncomfortable. 

At heart we are storytellers. Almond Tree Productions was created to support brilliant female identifying, Queer &/or BAME filmmakers all seeking authenticity within their work.  Across a broad spectrum we have regular commercial clients who enjoy the inclusive collaborative style that is at our core. We are not here to tick boxes but to carve a space for talent and new expression.